Working with Baseball Organizations


Reggie Smith consults with baseball organizations in many capacities – from individual player evaluation and development, to broad, coordinated organizational programs.


Reggie Knows First-Hand What it Takes for Organizations to Thrive


Reggie Smith enjoyed a long, productive career as a Major League player, who teammates, coaches and owners counted on for making invaluable contributions to the concept of “team.” After he retired as a player, he brought this commitment to unity of purpose to the position of Los Angeles Dodgers’ Minor League Field Coordinator. All aspects of strategic direction and tactical implementation were under Reggie’s direct oversight – from ensuring all coaches were teaching the same principles, down to the weights of bats the minor league organization used. 

During his time as Minor League Field Coordinator, and later as Major League Hitting Instructor, Reggie was instrumental in the development of a record string of Dodger Rookies of the Year, including Hall of Famer, Mike Piazza, Eric Karros, Raul Mondesi, and Todd Hollandsworth. Other notable players who benefited from Reggie’s attention include Adrian Beltre and Eric Young. Reggie clearly knows how to identify and develop talent.

Reggie’s Individualized Player Evaluation and Development

Today it can cost a team literally millions of dollars to get a player to the big leagues. But it’s not physically possible for every player to get the personalized attention he may need within the organization to mature into a true prospect. And instructional leagues and winter baseball opportunities are at a premium, often costing thousands of dollars per player. Unfortunately these limitations can lead to players who are released or traded for one reason or another and subsequently blossom in other organizations, making it to the major leagues. 

Reggie Smith offers an alternative – an intensive one-on-one evaluation and development program at a fraction of the cost of traditional instructional leagues. Reggie has worked with several organizations who have sent him players that haven’t lived up to expectations – ones they’re almost ready to give up on, but who someone in their organization thought enough of to scout and sign. 

The training methodologies that Reggie has developed are effective, tailored to the specific needs of the player. During sessions, typically ranging from five to ten days, Reggie covers all aspects of hitting and positional play at his Los Angeles facility. Whether the player is a singles hitter or hits for power, Reggie personally works with each one to identify and hone the swing that is most natural and productive for him. Defensively, Reggie works with the player to improve arm strength, accuracy, footwork and agility. The mental aspects of the game are also emphasized. Reggie utilizes the latest, most sophisticated equipment available for evaluation and training. 

At the end of each training program, the organization is provided with verbal and written reports on the player’s potential and progress, along with video of his key training sessions. After the training program has been completed, Reggie often continues to consult with the organization and the player directly to ensure that the progress made continues into the future.



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Baseball is a complex sport and business with a lot at stake. Sometimes organizations can benefit from getting an outside perspective into problems or opportunities they face. Reggie Smith has the experience and sound, philosophical approach that can make a difference. Whatever your situation, Reggie welcomes the opportunity to discuss your specific needs with you. Please use the button below to contact him by email.