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In order to be a good teacher, you must first be a good student. To be the best coach you can be, you must learn from the best coach you can. Reggie Smith is that coach. 


Coaching Seminars Provide the Foundation for Proper Teaching

Baseball’s rich history stretches back nearly 200 years in America. As difficult as baseball is to play, it’s immensely more arduous to coach. Unfortunately, the fundamentals of the sport, and proper coaching, are being lost to poor, foundationally unsound techniques and a focus on the game’s statistical aspects that dominates the current narrative. Fortunately, baseball is grounded in the laws of physics, geometric principles and human biomechanics and provides the path forward. 

Reggie Smith’s baseball coaching seminars present a structure grounded in these principles for coaches in the proper teaching and development of baseball players from Tee Ball into high school and beyond. Professional concepts and techniques have been adapted for teaching the game to players of all ages. These seminars provide a unique learning opportunity where concepts, techniques and questions can be demonstrated and discussed in real time.

As a coach himself, Reggie Smith understands the impact coaches have on players. They not only mentor and develop their players, but their own abilities dictate the success of their teams. Reggie has spent years working with baseball coaches of all levels, from across North and South America, Europe, and Asia. He not only understands how to best develop players, but how to teach his coaching methods to others.

Some great players don’t have what it takes to be good coaches, and some great coaches didn’t start out as good players. Reggie Smith is the rare combination of a great player who went on to be a great coach, but more importantly a great teacher. Working with Reggie is working with a master.


Reggie Has Coached the Game’s Finest


After his distinguished playing career came to a close, Reggie became the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Minor League Coordinator, overseeing all operations. In this capacity Reggie designed programs that standardized teaching throughout the Dodger farm system. He was responsible for development of the organization’s young players, preparing them for the major leagues. When that talent began to blossom, the Dodgers brought Reggie to Los Angeles to be the hitting instructor and first base coach for the ballclub. Under his supervision the Dodgers enjoyed a historic run of Rookies of the Year, including Hall of Famer, Mike Piazza, Eric Karros, Raul Mondesi and Todd Hollandsworth. Later, Reggie was the hitting coach for the United States’ Olympic Baseball Team that won the Gold Medal in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

In addition to his coaching experience, Reggie has decades of experience training players of all skill levels, from youth sports to Major League athletes.


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