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To be the best player you can be, it’s vital that you work with the best teacher you can.
Reggie Smith has a proven history of recognizing talent and knowing how to help it develop.


A Comprehensive Approach to Training

Reggie Smith combines his decades of baseball experience with his intuitive understanding of the game to craft training regimens tailored to the needs of the individual player. He utilizes the latest video and electronic technology, allowing for precise analysis of performance characteristics that can occur in a fraction of a second. But it is Reggie’s inherent ability to record mental “snapshots” to diagnose what others may overlook. Reggie’s approach is unique to the individual player – no cookie cutter solutions here. He works one-on-one with players in all aspects of the game – helping players to hone their individual swing, improve arm strength and accuracy, footwork, agility, while emphasizing the all-important mental part of the game. Reggie’s comprehensive approach builds upon each individual’s strengths, enabling players of all skill levels to be the best they can be.


The Value of an Excellent Mentor


Early in his career, Reggie Smith was given the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the game. A chance spring training meeting led to a lifetime association and friendship with Hall of Famer Ted Williams, one of baseball’s best hitters and most respected hitting instructors. Reggie continues to build upon the research and analysis that Ted Williams began in an era before video and scientific measurement existed. Reggie has said, “The best teacher is the best student,” and he has spent his entire career as the consummate student and teacher. In-depth, ongoing discussions with teammates and coaches have informed his teaching of every part of the game – from hitting, pitching, and position play, to even strategy. Most importantly, Reggie recognizes that different individuals process and assimilate instruction differently. He spends the time to discover how each player he works with learns, tailoring his teaching accordingly. Learning under and working with Reggie Smith affords each player the best opportunity to achieve their true potential.

Reggie Has Trained Major League Baseball’s Finest

Between 1992 and 1996, the Los Angeles Dodgers were awarded a record five straight Rookies of the Year. Four of them were position players under Reggie’s tutelage. As the Dodgers’ Minor League Coordinator, and later major league hitting instructor, Reggie was instrumental in the development of Hall of Famer, Mike Piazza, as well as Eric Karros, Raul Mondesi and Todd Hollandsworth. Many other major league stars got their start working with Reggie, enjoying productive careers. Innately blessed with the ability to spot and effectively nurture talent, Reggie has made every player he has worked with better. Today, he continues to consult with major league organizations and work individually with players who seek his experience and unique perspective.



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